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  • Successfully convinced Government of India to introduce a comprehensive National Road Safety Law. Invited by the Government to support the development of the new law, expected to save over 200,000 lives over the next 5 years.
  • Secured ban on trucks from carrying protruding rods, expected to save close to 10,000 lives annually
  • Supported reduction in road accident deaths in Delhi, from 2325 in year 2010 to 1810 in 2013 through rapid first-aid by SLF-trained Police responders
  • Successfully trained over 7,500 Police personnel and citizen volunteers to become medical first-responders to road accident victims in Delhi, UP, and Maharashtra
  • Successfully convinced Ministry of Home Affairs to mandate first-aid training for Police across India
  • Successfully launched India’s first anticipatory driving training program for high-risk truck drivers


  • Ensure that every district in India has a team of trained Police and citizen first-responders for injured victims – a force of at least 65,000 people
  • Save 100,000 lives in the next 5 years by ensuring that India gets a Good Samaritan Law by end of 2015, which will remove legal barriers to helping injured persons
  • Save at least 40,000 lives over the next 5 years by ensuring implementation of the SLF-secured Government order to ban trucks from carrying protruding rods
  • Ensure implementation of the national road safety law by working closely with State governments, Police and judiciary
  • Provide support to road accident victims and their families by building India’s first-ever national resource centre on hospital treatment, rehabilitation and compensation