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Why India Needs A Good Samaritan Law?

15 people die every hour and another 60 get injured due to road accidents in India. According to the Law Commission of India, 50% of those who die on Indian roads can be saved if they receive timely medical attention including assistance from passers-by/bystanders. However, in India, bystanders rarely come forward to provide help to a victim. To find out the reasons why people do not do so, SaveLIFE conducted one of a kind survey which revealed that, 88% people were unlikely to assist injured accident victims due to fear of legal hassles, including police questioning. Click here to read the full report

Share your story

Share your Story

Have you helped an injured person on the road? If yes, Share you experience with us! Also, let us know if you faced harassment by the police or at court or at the hospital after helping an accident victim. WhatsApp us at 09540824494

The Good Samaritans

The Good Samaritans

A number of people have stepped up and saved lives on the roads. Read their stories of rescues

I.C.E. Cards

In case of emergency, an I.C.E card will provide vital information about you to the first-responders. Create, download, print and carry an ICE card in your wallet for free.

ICE Cards

Emergency Care Cards

Read, download, print tips to provide emergency care if you encounter a road accident victim

Emergency Care Cards