In Case of Emergency Cards (I.C.E. Cards)


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  • What are ICE Cards?

    In case of emergency (I.C.E.) cards may make it possible for loved ones to be told of an emergency. Emergency Medical Services and Hospital Emergency Room personnel often experience situations where the patient can't give vital health information. An I.C.E card would prove to be invaluable to attending medical personnel in providing treatment.It gives first responders key information on critical health issues; such as medication use, allergies or pre-existing conditions. It is easily identifiable and instantly to hand unlike carrying your details in a mobile phone, which may be locked or difficult to operate. Information saves time, information saves lives. If you are taken ill or injured, carrying your ICE Card could make all the difference.

    This is how an ICE Card looks like What are they for?

    Our I.C.E. cards are for everyone - Carrying emergency contact details means that your loved ones get informed quickly if there is any emergency.

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