Every year, over 9000 people get killed and more get seriously injured in accidents involving trucks carrying protruding rods


Every year over 9000 people get killed and over 29000 people get seriously injured in accidents involving trucks carrying protruding rods. In 2012, Out of all road accident deaths involving trucks over 34% deaths were reported by trucks carrying protruding rods. SaveLIFE Foundation has taken this initiative to stop such trucks ply on roads and prevent road accident deaths and injuries in India. In response to a Writ Petition filed by SaveLIFE Foundation in the honorable Supreme Court of India, on March 5th, 2014, the Government struck down the proviso to Rule 93(8) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, which allowed for protrusion of sharp loads for upto one metre beyond the rearmost point of the motor vehicle, effectively banning the practice. Click here to see the notification.

About the Campaign and Impact

Through the popular television show, Satyamev Jayate, we started a campaign by asking citizens to report trucks carrying protruding roads using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Website. Pictures of over 1500 vehicles carrying protruding rods clicked by citizen volunteers have been received within three months of initiating the drive. The trucks were reported from 28 States and Union Territories, with the highest number of trucks being reported from the State of Maharashtra with 360 reports of violation followed by 153 and 132 violation reports in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka respectively.

We dispatched these reports to the Director General of Police of respective states/Union Territories and also to senior officials in the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, to bring the prevalence of this violation to their notice. Consequently, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan Police have directed the concerned authorities under their jurisdiction to take appropriate action against these trucks.

Come join us in stopping these trucks from killing more people. If you see such a truck, report to us. Click a picture of the truck and send it to us by filling the form below or Whatsapp it to 9540824494. We will take further action on it and update you.

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