Good Samaritans

On 29th January 14, at 1:45 pm, six school children fearlessly came forward to rescue a road accident victim, Mr. Devendar Dubey, a ward boy with a leading private hospital. The 27-year old victim, was grievously injured after he was hit by a speeding auto-rickshaw in Saket area of New Delhi.

While scores of bystanders passed by and watched Devendra bleed, these six school children who were coming back from school did something extraordinary. They not just came forward to assess the condition of the victim but did everything in their might to help save him. After seeing that the victim was bleeding heavily, they decided to take the victim to closest hospital in the area. They stopped the same auto-rickshaw that hit Devendra and carefully transported the victim in the rickshaw. Even after the driver of the victim fled away, the schoolchildren did not give up but pushed the auto for over 1.5 kms to Max Hospital and admitted him to emergency unit of the hospital. Because the victim was brought in at the right time, he was successfully operated upon and provided necessary care. By May 2014, Devendra had completely recovered and joined back in his job.

Mr. Deepak Mishra (Sp. Commissioner, Law & Order, Delhi Police) presents the award to Dhiraj, Prashant and Sandeep

SaveLIFE Foundation is proud to bestow The Jeevan Rakshak Award to Prashant, Rahul, Sandeep, Dheeraj, Himanshu and Bhopal. The award is presented by the organization to individuals who choose to become Life Savers by showing courage, presence of mind to revive road accident victims.

On eve of Independence day, Mr. Deepak Mishra, Special Commissioner (Law & Order), Delhi Police and Board member of SaveLIFE Foundation awarded these young heroes “The Jeevan Rakshak Award”, for showing extraordinary courage, wit and skill in rescuing the life of road accident victim.

Devendar, is highly indebted to the six children for providing him quick care and assistance. In the awards ceremony held on 14th August, 2014, at Police Headquarters, Devendra said “Had the children not intervened at the right time, I would have probably not been standing before you all today. I owe this life to these children and deeply thankful to them”.

Mr. Deepak Mishra (Sp. Commissioner, Law & Order, Delhi Police) presents the award to Bhopal and Himanshu

Mr. Deepak Mishra said that Delhi Police supports work carried out by Good Samaritans like these children and believes that life-saving care carried out by ordinary persons can go a long way in reducing road accident deaths and injuries in Delhi.

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