More than 1 million people in India have lost their lives to road accidents in the past decade. India suffers the highest number of road accident deaths in the world and in 2012 alone, almost 1,40,000 people were killed and close to 5,00,000 were seriously injured or permanently disabled. Road accidents are the single biggest killer of young people, aged 15-45, in India. The Planning Commission estimates that the socio-economic cost of accidents is approximately 3% of India’s GDP. In August 2013, the Honorable Supreme Court of India has called the problem of road accident deaths in India a “National Emergency”. The causes for India’s exceptionally high number of crashes include a fractured licensing system, insufficient drivers’ training, flawed road design and engineering, weak enforcement of traffic laws and the lack of rapid trauma care. The sole statute governing Road Safety in India, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA) has failed to address any of the aforementioned issues decisively. The need of the hour is a comprehensive, all-inclusive national road safety law.


The National Road Safety Alliance (NRSA) is a coalition of organizations and activists working towards significant changes and cohesive action around Road Safety in India, including stronger laws and their effective enforcement. The alliance members may or may not be doing direct work in the area of road safety but may have a strong interest in the issue due to its impact on their stakeholders or in some cases even their operations. The alliance is hosted at SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on improving road safety and emergency care across India. SLF provides the NRSA members access to reliable and current data, resources and a platform to voice their ideas and recommendations, in addition to dedicated staff and a secretariat.


  1. To bring together organizations and individuals working or interested in the area of road safety
  2. To jointly demand a stronger legal framework and a national vision for Road Safety in India
  3. To pursue implementation of laws and guidelines with Central and State governments
  4. To identify specific areas where members can make unique contributions using their expertise
  5. To recognize government officials, companies and NGOs doing exceptional work in the area of Road Safety

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