Photo of Nishtha Kishore

Nishtha Kishore

My internship at SaveLIFE Foundation as a first year law student proved to be rather satisfying, for both my conscience and my legal knowledge. I undertook a lot of RTI work during my internship which even though was taxing, was worth every minute when we got the data. Today, I am very well acquainted with RTI and often find myself advising friends and family on how to go about their applications. We were also made to rethink the Motor Vehicles Act as it existed then which was an enriching and stimulating experience.

No contribution made by anyone at the office was ever considered small, it all amounted to something big. Piyush was always just a phone call away when he wasn’t in office and the work environment was very friendly. Working at SaveLIFE reinstated my faith in NGOs and humanity. Their’s is a cause I always felt for and feel for even more strongly now. I wish them success in all their endeavours.

Photo of Aakriti Gandhi

Aakriti Gandhi

SaveLIFE has been an enriching experience for me both in terms of training and internship. It’s easy to sit back home and remain far-fetched from the realities. SaveLIFE trains you to face the challenges as a trainer, by making you competent enough to save someone’s life. I still remember the check call care. Thank you SaveLIFE for a holistic experience.

Photo of Nehal Daga

Nehal Daga

Working with SaveLIFE Foundation was one of the most enriching experiences. It expanded my existing knowledge and ideas as I learnt how to research and summarise important information from a vast body of content. Apart from the work assigned to me, I also learnt a lot from interacting with my seniors, who were extremely coorperative and encouraging, and helped me a lot in learning how to work efficiently in a team while meeting deadlines.

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