Anticipatory Driving and Accident Prevention Training

The Issue

In the past decade, over 1.3 million people have been killed in road crashes in India and over 5 million have been seriously injured or permanently disabled. Over 26% of road crash fatalities involve Heavy Commercial Vehicles. With extremely poor drivers’ education and lack of formal driver training, most drivers just don’t have the skills they need to safely navigate the roads. Learning the basics of operating a vehicle isn’t enough. Drivers must know how to anticipate dangerous situations, analyze road conditions, and adjust their behaviour accordingly - the basics of Anticipatory Driving.

The Program

The Anticipatory Driving & Accident Prevention Training (ADAPT) certificate program has been developed by SaveLIFE Foundation after extensive research and development lasting over two years. As part of the program’s development, core issues surrounding road safety in India were studied at length and so were international best practices in driving and overall road safety. The two were then mapped together to develop the most suitable training solutions to India’s driving problems.

The solutions are formatted in a way that any driver, regardless of education or economic level, can understand the concepts behind Anticipatory Driving and put them to practice. The program is heavily focused on day-to-day situations that drivers encounter but may not be able to cope with, and also covers some special scenarios such as driving in extreme weather conditions.


Key Features

  • Program developed by experts in Road Safety, Trauma Care, Behavioral Psychology and Law
  • Use of blended learning techniques and Bollywood references to aid retention
  • Accessible content for drivers from any educational background
  • Training on RADE Concept – Recognize, Anticipate, Decide and Execute
  • Focus on evolving driver strategy from Defensive to Anticipatory
  • Applicable training for drivers of all vehicle categories

Program Focus

  • Strategies to understand and anticipate behaviour of diverse road users
  • Strategies to deal with impaired drivers, high-speed drivers, road rage and other dangers
  • Split-second decision making and driving safely in unpredictable conditions
  • Strategies to deal with fatigue and other distractions
  • Consequences of drunken driving and over-speeding


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