Our emergency response to the demands imposed by the second wave of COVID 19


On April 23, 2021, a leading Delhi hospital treating COVID patients issued an SOS for Oxygen as their supply was about to run out. Despite the scramble, by midnight, 25 COVID patients in the hospital died due to lack of Oxygen. The same day, many others issued an SOS asking for urgent Oxygen supply. Between April 23 and May 3, 2021, there were over 500 SOS calls for O2 from hospitals across Delhi, in many cases leading to preventable deaths. Similar calls from families ranged in thousands.

With the new strain of the virus taking hold, Delhi residents, and serious COVID patients from 8 neighboring States, continued to swarm Delhi hospitals, overwhelming their staff and infrastructure. While doctors, nurses and support staff worked 24/7 to treat patients, the lack of Oxygen frustrated their tireless efforts. Delhi was facing an acute shortage of Medical Oxygen.


Our Response

SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), which is traditionally recognised as a leader in road safety and emergency medical response, including being the pioneer of Good Samaritan Law in India, responded to SOS calls from its Government and hospital partners. An internal team was quickly put together with experiences ranging from disaster relief to military supplies to emergency response. Additional staff was allocated to mobilise resources for procurement.

Our Taskforce

Thanks to the generosity and quick response of our donors, on April 25, 2021, SLF placed its first order for 224 Oxygen Concentrators for Delhi. Over the next several days, additional orders were placed for over 600 Oxygen Concentrators and 1500 Type D Oxygen Cylinders. In addition to the Oxygen crisis response, our data science and emergency response teams continued to oversee ambulance response in Delhi - tracking and optimising it to ensure fastest possible response.

The supplies ordered by SLF began to arrive in Delhi on May 3, 2021.

In order to ensure that the support reaches the end-user immediately, each consignment of SLF is directly way-billed to a receiving hospital. Once it arrives at the facility, it is physically marked or QR coded, booked into stock and then allocated for patient care. A team from Boston Consulting Group, engaged by the Government of NCT of Delhi and working in close cooperation with SLF, is tracking the inventory and allocation.

Delivery to Date
Oxygen Concentrators
Type D oxygen cylinders (Capacity - 99MT)
40 ft Cryogenic Oxygen Tank
Invasive ventilators
ICU 5-Para Monitors
BiPAP machines
COVID Care Kits
families supported with Nutrition & Ration Kits
*SLF provided strategic and operational support to the Delhi government in procurement
of 6000 Type D cylinders (capacity 300 MT)

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The way forward
SLF is now working with our donors and Government partners to:

Build self-reliance for medical Oxygen through procurement and installation of Oxygen generation infrastructure

Create additional ICU beds in Delhi, the SOS calls for which continue, with ventilator support and other technologies

Prepare for an imminent third wave of infections by helping Govt consolidate and track all intensive care resources

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Our 2020 Response

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Our Donors

Our efforts have been made possible by the generosity of our donors, many of whom have chosen to stay anonymous despite sizable grants towards our efforts. We sincerely thank them and acknowledge the ones below who have given us permission to share their names.

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