The Current Crisis

India is currently dealing with its second wave of COVID-19, with a steep spike in cases throughout the country since April 2021. The new strain of the virus has infected a significant proportion of India’s population. Among the cities, Delhi has witnessed the largest number of cases and deaths, where over a million people have been infected and over 17,000 have tragically died. The cases are continuing to rise, and the health system in the National Capital is highly strained.

Our Response

The demand for medical treatment has far exceeded Delhi’s capacity, and the city is facing a lack of medical-grade oxygen. This has led to high COVID-19 related fatalities. In order to meet the requirements due to the sudden surge in cases, SLF, in partnership with the GNCTD and various CSR partners, is working towards its response to the second wave of COVID-19.

The Oxygen Crisis

Oxygen concentrators, also known as oxygen enrichers, can be used to provide supplementary oxygen for COVID-19 patients who have low oxygen saturation levels. The concentrator draws in room air and filters out nitrogen and impurities in the air, leaving concentrated oxygen and a small percentage of other gases. They play a vital role in enhancing the blood oxygen concentration levels of critical patients. SLF is working with various CSR partners to procure over 1,000 oxygen concentrators (both 5LPM and 10LPM) for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Delhi. On 3rd May 2021, 140 oxygen concentrators were delivered to the Burari COVID hospital in Delhi. On 5th May, 46 oxygen concentrators were delivered to the 200 bedded Delhi Government Hospital at Ambedkar Nagar. Additionally, over 700 oxygen concentrators will be further distributed over the next 10 days.

In addition, SLF is also procuring medical grade oxygen cylinders (D-type cylinders) to address the acute shortage of oxygen in the hospitals in the National Capital. D- type oxygen cylinders have large capacity, are portable, and can be used for all oxygen needs, including high-pressure supply and in facilities where power supply is intermittent or unreliable. They can also be used for ambulatory service or patient transport. On 4th May 2021, 400 oxygen cylinders were delivered to the Raj Ghat central facility in Delhi. These cylinders will be distributed among public hospitals that are in urgent need of oxygen. On 6th May 2021, 210 D- type oxygen cylinders were delivered to Delhi Government’s Facility at Raj Ghat.

Our Partners