Study on Rear Seat-Belt Usage and Child Road Safety In India

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The Issue

Ensuring safety of lives during transit in India is a major challenge. SaveLIFE Foundation decided to examine two crucial aspects that form a part of Road Safety in India- the use of rear seat belts and safety of children during commute.

While there is a Law in India that mandates the use of rear seat-belts, the enforcement of the Law and the awareness about the benefits offered by rear seat-belts remain almost nil. Children fall under the vulnerable road user category, given that they lack skills that adults have acquired to deal with complex traffic situations during road commute.

The Program

SaveLIFE Foundation and Nissan Motor India Private Limited, one of India’s largest automobile company, have partnered to explore two crucial aspects of securing lives in transit - the status of use of rear seat-belts and the status of safety of children during commute.

#HaveYouClickedToday has been initiated with an aim to understand Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, and Practices( KABP) of road users with regard to usage of rear seat-belts and child road safety in India. As part of the project, a detailed mixed-methodology study was conducted in 11 cities across India to survey children and adults including parents, cab drivers and school bus/van drivers.

Key Findings