Road Safety Good Practices in India Copy

*Aerial view of the improved Kottarakara Intersection on the safe corridor. (Source: KSTP - II/SCDP 2020)


India, with its complex road dynamics and high fatality rates, is at crossroads. Various State Governments in India are actively addressing the significant issue of reducing road crash deaths through innovative strategies. Undertaken by SaveLIFE Foundation in close cooperation with the World Bank Group and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, this report titled “Road Safety Good Practices in India” explores and documents these replicable good practices aimed at curbing the alarming road crash statistics in the country.

The report highlights good practices, such as the NH 48 (Old Mumbai-Pune Highway) Zero Fatality Corridor (ZFC) project, which registered a remarkable 61% decrease in fatalities between 2018 and 2021. Similarly, the Belgaum Yaragatti Highway’s Safe Corridor Demonstration Project (SCDP) in Karnataka recorded a 54% reduction in deaths from 2015 to 2018. The good practices included in this report were selected based on specific criteria, including sustained reductions in road crash fatalities during the project implementation period, efforts to strengthen institutions for efficient road safety management, and the implementation of robust mechanisms across the 4Es of road safety (Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Care).

The interventions included in this report have been trifurcated as corridor-based, network-based, and state-based interventions. The report details these successful initiatives to provide ready working knowledge that helps replicate these interventions in similar high-crash zones across India.

Through its thirteen case studies spread across ten states, the report aims to facilitate cross-functional knowledge exchange, foster collaborative actions, and aid the development of improved policies and practices. With these steps, the report aims to empower State and city-level authorities to undertake more informed initiatives, ultimately enhancing their road safety outcomes.

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