Safety in Mobility

The Issue

The World Health Organisation has identified Distracted Driving as an important risk factor in road traffic injuries. Mobile phone usage is a primary source of driver distraction, as it takes drivers’ attention off the road, making vehicle occupants more vulnerable to road crashes. Even though it is such a significant road safety risk factor, we have very little knowledge about the extent and nature of the distracted driving in India.

The Program

SaveLIFE Foundation partnered with Vodafone India Limited, one of India's largest telecom companies, to address the issue of distracted driving caused by mobile phones. The partnership has three elements:

A National study on mobile phone usage, patterns, and behaviour while on the road

Education & Awareness

A short public service film to discourage use of mobile phones while driving

Technology solution
A mobile application to eliminate distractions caused by mobile phones while driving

Objectives of National Study

  • To determine the extent, pattern and reasons for use of mobile phones while driving
  • To understand the impact of use of mobile phones on driving performance
  • To understand the perception of road users on use of mobile phones and its perils
  • To determine if respondents have been involved in accidents caused by use of mobile phones while on the road

Key Findings of the National Study

*These figures are based off a sample of 1,749 individuals across 8 Indian cities.


By SaveLIFE Foundation and Vodafone India Ltd

We ignore our mobile phone when we are in a movie theater, in a meeting with the boss, or hanging out with friends, but we do not ignore it when we are driving. Ignore your phone where it really matters.

Vodafone-SaveLIFE Road Safe Mobile App

The goal of the Vodafone-SaveLIFE Road Safe mobile app is to provide members of the public a tool to eliminate distractions originating from mobile phones while driving.

Key Features of the App

Available for Android
Available for iOS