Safety Tips

Drive with low beam

Drive with low beam to be able to see and be visible to other drivers.

Reduce your speed

Reduce your speed to avoid crashing into stationary vehicles. Fog creates the illusion of slow motion when you may actually be speeding.

Listen for traffic you cannot see

Listen for traffic you cannot see. Avoid playing loud music and open your windows slightly to keep alert.

Traffic precaution

Follow painted lane markings as a guide in case of zero-visibility and watch out for stationary vehicles.

Never stop in the middle of the road

Never stop in the middle of the road. If your car stalls, switch on your blinkers and move to the side of the road.

Using indicator before turning

Give at least ten seconds with the indicator on before making any turn to give drivers following you time to slow down due to slippery condition of road.

Keep windows clear

Keep windows clear by using defroster and windscreen wiper in foggy conditions.

Do not overtake

Be patient¬. Do not overtake vehicles or pass lines of traffic.

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