Tactical Redesign

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What is Tactical Redesign?

Tactical Redesign is a test of street design, planning and infrastructural interventions to gauge effectiveness of road user safety. It especially focuses on safeguarding the most vulnerable road users (VRUs) like pedestrians, cyclists and other two-wheeler riders. The Redesign efforts involve relatively low-cost, temporary interventions, helmed by citizens or public groups. If found successful, the interventions may be recommended to the relevant authorities for permanent implementation.

Tactical Redesign allows for cheap and quick testing of ideas in real-time. It also helps gather data which helps assess the effectiveness of proposed infrastructure changes. The redesign is a cost effective method to prevent road crashes in dangerous crash prone areas, also known as ‘Black Spots’.


The ZFC project stretch is a 12km high-fatality corridor on Delhi’s Outer Ring Road, situated between Signature Bridge and Bhalswa Chowk. It features 4 Black Spots, out of which Bhalswa Chowk was chosen as the Tactical Redesign site for the first phase of the ZFC project, based on a comprehensive Road Safety Audit conducted for the stretch.

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Our Approach

The Tactical Redesign at Bhalswa Chowk, a designated black-spot in Outer Delhi, is a multi-stakeholder project helmed by SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) to improve road safety at a high-fatality intersection. The project is part of the Delhi Zero Fatality Corridor (ZFC) initiative, a program by SLF in partnership with the Delhi Government to reduce road crash fatalities and improve emergency care along high-fatality road corridors. To achieve this, SLF has created a unique strategy. The ZFC programme in Delhi revolves around a 6-part strategy designed for its smooth execution and implementation:

Coalition building

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Evidence based approach

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On Site Audit

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Solution Deployment

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Impact Measurement

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Features and components of the Redesign:

The Redesign was preceded by a detailed Road Safety Audit study, which determined the issues and opportunities along the project stretch. Based on this, a proposal for the Bhalswa Chowk Tactical Redesign was developed and executed over an area of approximately 12,000 square meters.

The Redesign strategy involved 5 key elements:

  • icon Modify street geometry.
  • icon Introduce traffic calming measures.
  • icon Introduce new pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and improve connectivity and safer refuge spaces.
  • icon Relocate public transit stations and designated stands for feeder transportation.
  • icon Introduce new signage and road markings.


The Tactical Redesign achieved an improvement in perceived and quantified safety, as indicated from the following results:

Zero deaths and zero serious injuries
Reduction in pedestrian exposure to conflict and road crashes
Improved perception of road safety
Improved compliance of infrastructure by vulnerable road users
Reduction in illegal vehicular driver behaviour
Reduction in pedestrian conflict
Reduction in vehicular conflict
Reduction in two-wheeler conflict


SLF gets a four year extension of the MoU to improve road safety in the city from the Government of National Capital Territory Delhi.

eg. On 11 th February 2021, our team met the Hon’ble Minister of Transport, GNCTD, Mr. Kailash Gahlot at Delhi Secretariat to discuss the progress made on SLF’s Delhi Zero Fatality Corridor (ZFC) Project and to renew the MoU (originally dated 15 th (November) between SLF and GNCTD for another four years.

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The results and analysis formed the basis of recommendations for permanent design and policy changes which were compiled in a Final Report and submitted to the Transport Department on 15th June 2020.

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