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How Your Donations Help Save Lives

You power our mission to make roads safer in India and beyond. Here’s how your support translates into action:

Our Impact

Our Commitment to Donors
SLF does not accept funding from any Government or political organisations and parties to maintain objectivity and impartiality

All donations to SaveLIFE Foundation are 50% exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

We care for the environment, and ensure all SaveLIFE activities and recommendations take into account environmental concerns.

Transforming Deadly Roads

You help us identify and fix high-fatality zones, saving countless lives along dangerous highways, city streets, and district roads.

Educating the Public

Your donations fund campaigns that change behaviours and raise awareness about road safety across communities.

Training Responders

Police, paramedics, students, and high-risk drivers gain life-saving skills thanks to your support, ensuring timely and effective emergency response.

Aiding Crash Victims

You help provide financial assistance for the immediate treatment of those injured in road crashes.

Driving Change Through Research

Your contributions enable essential studies that shape policies, practices, and public understanding of road safety.

International Donation

Bank Transfer or Check
If you’re not an Indian passport holder and would like to make a donation to SaveLIFE, please mail us at

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