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Grounded Action



on Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 2017 – 2023


on NH 48 (Old Mumbai-Pune Highway), 2018 – 2023


on Yamuna Expressway, 2019 – 2023


on NH 30 (Jabalpur-Sleemanabad), 2021 – 2023


on NH 21 (Jaipur-Mahwa), 2021 – 2023


on NH19 (Maithon – Panagarh), 2021 – 2023


on NH 19 (Etawah – Chakeri), 2021 – 2023


on NH 44 (Silk board – Attibele), 
2021 – 2023


on NH 5 (Ludhiana – Firozpur), 
2021 – 2023



Police and first responders [in basic trauma care skills]


high-risk drivers [in crash prevention techniques]

Strategic Leadership


Good Samaritan Law (Supreme Court of India, 2016 | Parliament of India, 2019)

Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019

Protection of Good Samaritans and Medical Professionals Act, 2018 (Karnataka)

Road Safety Amendments through Jan Vishwas Act, 2023


Secured ban on trucks from carrying protruding rods, saving 9,000 lives/year

Prepared Draft Bus Body Code, 2023

Drafted Forensic Crash Investigation Scheme, Uttar Pradesh, 2023

We change frameworks.

Since 2008, SaveLIFE Foundation has been a relentless force for change in India’s road safety landscape.

Through groundbreaking policy reforms like the Good Samaritan Law, the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019, life-saving training for first responders and commercial drivers, and transformative infrastructure improvements, we’ve made roads safer for countless individuals. Our data-driven approach ensures our interventions are targeted and effective, saving lives across India.

We drive conversations.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the discourse around India’s road safety crisis and inspiring action for change. Our strategic approach has sparked conversations, changed behaviours, and ultimately contributed to a more informed and engaged public, government, and industry – essential for driving long-term policy reform and creating a safer India for all.

Media Impact

Our work is featured in leading news outlets, generating crucial national discourse on road safety.

 Targeted Campaigns

We design campaigns that resonate with specific audiences, educating them on risks and empowering them to make safer choices.

Community Collaboration

Working directly with communities, we tailor messages for local needs and build grassroots support for lasting improvements.

Social Media Power

Our platforms inform and mobilise the public, creating a groundswell of voices demanding safer roads.

We build a safer future together.

SaveLIFE’s impact is amplified through strategic collaborations. Our landmark MOU with the Government of India is allowing us to address safety challenges on 100 each of the nation’s most dangerous highway corridors and districts. Partnerships with state governments like Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and more enable us to transform roads and build local capacity for sustainable change.

Winng Partnerships: Collaborations with top institutions such as IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh and Harvard University strengthen our evidence-based approach to saving lives. This leads to improved measurement tools, targeted education initiatives, and ultimately, safer roads.

We change lives.

SaveLIFE Foundation’s work creates a ripple effect of safety across India.

We equip vulnerable road users like children, pedestrians, cyclists, and two-wheeler riders with knowledge and advocacy.
First responders – police, medical personnel, and volunteers – gain life-saving skills to provide critical care after crashes. Commercial drivers are taught preventative techniques to reduce their risk of involvement in accidents. Communities living near dangerous roads see those areas transformed through our interventions. And policymakers at all levels are supported with the data and expertise they need to implement stronger road safety laws.

“Our government is committed to ensuring that road crashes in India are brought down with urgency. The use of technology and innovation is extremely important in the current times given the magnitude of the problem at hand and what we want to achieve. With that in mind, we welcome this much-needed initiative.”

Nitin Gadkari
Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India

COVID-19 Response: Saving Lives Beyond Roads

The COVID-19 pandemic demanded a swift and adaptable response. SaveLIFE Foundation pivoted, leveraging its emergency care expertise. Our initial focus was reducing ambulance response times in Delhi, and creating a real-time system for tracking hospital bed availability. These initiatives streamlined access to critical care and informed decision-making.

As the crisis worsened, we expanded our support. Working with multiple state governments, we facilitated the distribution of life-saving oxygen supplies, procured medical equipment, and assisted in resource management across India. Our commitment to preserving life extended beyond road safety and contributed to the nation’s pandemic response. 

Our COVID-19 Impact Recognized

The World Economic Forum highlighted SaveLIFE as a TOP 50 first-responder to the pandemic. Groups such as the India Today Group and Niti Aayog have acknowledged SaveLIFE’s contributions. We’re currently collaborating with academic researchers to document our response, creating a knowledge base to support future emergency preparedness and inform healthcare strategies. 

Read more about our pandemic response

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