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We’re excited to announce that the SaveLIFE Foundation website is undergoing a significant upgrade to offer you a faster and more secure online experience. As part of this enhancement, some of the resources in this section will be temporarily unavailable. 

We understand how valuable these resources are to our community, and we’re working diligently to ensure that the migration is smooth and swift. 

Our team is committed to not only restoring your access to all our resources but also improving your overall experience with enhanced features and accessibility. 

Please stay tuned for updates.


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Digital Public Goods

SaveLIFE Foundation is making its expertise widely accessible by transforming its programs into digital public goods (DPGs). This initiative democratises access to our forensic crash investigations, safety audits, and training resources, empowering global stakeholders to make their roads safer.

Forensic Investigations: Interactive digital tools for in-depth crash analysis.
Vulnerability Audits: Publicly accessible reports pinpoint road risks.
Training: Online modules for first responders and the public.

SaveLIFE aims to integrate its data and insights into future digital public infrastructure (DPI) for transportation safety. This enables seamless collaboration between governments, NGOs, and the private sector, creating a united front to save lives on the roads.


Compensation Calculator

Use this form to estimate compensation based on the Structured Formula, and Fault Liability calculations. Learn more about each of these categories using the “steps to claim compensation” above.

Salaried Permanent
Salaried Fixed
Self Employed
Permanent: with increments | Fixed: without annual increments
Calculation using Structured Formula
Compensation Available
Rs. 00000
Calculation using Fault Liability
Compensation Payable
Rs. 00000

Make an I.C.E. Card

In case of emergency (I.C.E.) cards make it possible for loved ones to be told of an emergency and for emergency and medical care personnels to get vital health information.

It gives first responders key information on critical health issues; such as medication use, allergies or pre-existing conditions. It is easily identifiable unlike carrying your details in a mobile phone, which may be locked or difficult to operate.

Information saves time, information saves lives. If you are taken ill or injured, carrying your I.C.E. Card could make all the difference.

Road Safety Tips

You help provide financial assistance for the immediate treatment of those injured in road crashes.



Accelerate road safety innovation with us.

SaveLIFE Foundation is a recognized leader in on-the-ground road safety implementation and data-driven insights. We seek partnerships with academic institutions and corporate R&D teams to push the boundaries of road safety research, turning knowledge into solutions that save lives.

Join us in transforming road safety

Why collaborate with us?

Real-world Data & Implementation Expertise
Access SLF’s extensive research on crashes, road conditions, and program outcomes. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, facilitating targeted research and rapid testing of new solutions.

On-the-Ground Network
Leverage our partnerships with governments, NGOs, and communities for real-world pilot projects and large-scale implementation of successful innovations.

Focused Expertise
Our team’s deep understanding of road safety challenges in India complements your research strengths, ensuring solutions are relevant, practical, and scalable.

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