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Tackling road safety requires a united front. 

Our partnerships with governments, academic institutions, corporations, and thought leaders drive tangible results. Together, we’re saving lives and reducing injuries on roads across India and beyond.

Government Partnerships

At SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), we collaborate with government agencies to drastically reduce road crashes and fatalities. Our Zero Fatality Corridor and District programs transform India’s most dangerous roads into safe zones.

We invite government entities to join us through the following initiatives:

  • Zero-Fatality Corridors: We help governments transform dangerous highways into safe zones. Our work includes assessments, infrastructure upgrades, enforcement strategies, and community outreach to drastically reduce fatalities.
  • Zero-Fatality Districts: Let’s turn hazardous districts into road safety models.  Together, we’ll target infrastructure, policies, skills training, and public awareness for long-lasting improvements.
  • Policy Support: Tap our expertise to craft effective road safety laws and regulations.
  • Capacity Building: Enhance responder, law enforcement, and stakeholder skills with our proven training.
  • Technical Assistance: Upgrade roads and emergency systems to meet global standards.
  • Public Awareness: Collaborate on campaigns to educate communities on safe road practices.

Data-Driven Insights

How CSR Supports Road Safety
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a vital role in improving road safety. India’s Companies Act, 2013 supports CSR initiatives in both crash prevention and post-crash response.

Download the MCA Circular on CSR

Academic Collaborations

Why Partner with SaveLIFE Foundation?

Measurable Impact

Our programmes are designed for tangible road safety and emergency care improvements.

 Transparency and Accountability

Full compliance and external audits ensure responsible use of your CSR funds.

Focused on Outcomes

We prioritise preventing crashes and saving lives.

Rigorous Evaluation

We track progress, ensuring your investment makes a difference.

Proven Success

Partner with confidence – we have successful CSR collaborations with Mahindra & Mahindra, Vodafone India, Renault India, DHL Express (India), and others.

How to Partner with Us

Partner with SaveLIFE Foundation through your CSR initiatives in two key ways:

ADAPT Training: Prevent crashes with focused driver training

Jeevan Rakshak: Build capacity for life-saving trauma care.

Research: Support data-driven insights for tailored solutions.

Targeted Training: Expand programs for vulnerable road users.

Awareness Campaigns: Educate and inspire the public.

Events: Drive engagement through collaborative initiatives.

Advocacy: Join our push for stronger policies.

Payroll Giving:  Empower employees to make a difference.

Corpus Fund: Contribute to long-term sustainability.

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