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Our Mission:

Saving 1m lives by 2030

Road crashes are a relentless global killer, claiming 1.35 million lives annually – a devastating toll that surpasses even natural disasters.

Sadly, 93% of these tragedies occur in the developing world. India faces a particularly severe crisis, losing over 450 lives daily on its roads, with the poor bearing the heaviest burden.

To create big-picture change, we start at home.

We are an institution of passionate changemakers, united by the belief that no life should end on the road. Collaborating with partners at the international, national, and community levels, we’re building a knowledge infrastructure for road safety and taking action to protect all road users. 

Together, we’re transforming India into a global model for safety.

Video: SaveLIFE wins Skoll Award for Social Innovation 2024


Reimagining the System at Every Level

Because the problem is complex, we start with the fundamental challenges.

Transforming Infrastructure

Poor road design, engineering, and maintenance – including inadequate road safety furniture and missing facilities for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians – contribute to crashes.

Changing Driver Behaviour

Inadequate driver training results in behaviours such as speeding, neglecting safety precautions like seatbelts and helmets, and poor fatigue management – which in turn cause crashes and serious injuries.

Bolstering Regulations

Inconsistent enforcement, a fractured licensing system, and outdated vehicle standards exacerbate the problem.

Strengthening Trauma Care

Lack of framework for trauma care, leading to delays in reaching crash victims and inadequate medical care, reduce survival chances.

The SaveLIFE Approach

Led by data and evidence, we’re building a collaborative solution framework — from system-change to grounded action. Working strategically with our partners in government, academia, law, healthcare, and the private sector, SaveLIFE employs a two-pronged method:

Our Work

We translate insights into action, implementing tailored solutions cohesively across roadway improvements, better enforcement of traffic laws, faster trauma care, and community engagement. Our data-driven approach ensures interventions directly address the unique needs of local communities.

We champion a comprehensive, long-term approach to road safety, addressing the complex interplay of policy, infrastructure, enforcement, and behaviour. This fosters cross-sector collaboration to enable systemic change and achieve lasting improvements.

Achieving Our Vision 

While the road to a safer India is long, we’re proud to see progress alongside dedicated partners. Our efforts have contributed to landmark policies like the Good Samaritan Law and the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019.

These, coupled with our “zero-fatality” solutions across dangerous highway corridors and districts are yielding results. These include reductions in road crash deaths on major highways – 58% on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 51% on National Highway 48 and 40% on Yamuna Expressway.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our impact by providing life-saving equipment and improving ambulance response times.

Our Impact

Support us on our mission to save lives. 

Donate to SaveLIFE Foundation as we expand our reach across India and create a lasting impact on road safety. 


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