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SaveLIFE Foundation envisions a world where timely and effective trauma care is a universal right. No life should be lost due to gaps in emergency response systems. Our mission is to drive the systemic changes necessary to guarantee this right for everyone through strong legislation and real-world implementation. Ultimately, SaveLIFE Foundation seeks to establish a global standard for trauma care rights, preventing unnecessary deaths and disabilities caused by delayed treatment.


We are spearheading the movement for a Right to Trauma Care law in India, ensuring timely and effective treatment for all. This initiative aims to bridge systemic gaps in trauma care, from the moment of injury to definitive treatment. It would define and guarantee aspects of the “chain-of-survival” – including emergency response, transportation, and hospital care – to minimise preventable deaths. 
SLF advocates for a legal framework mandating access to quality trauma care as a fundamental right,  offering life-saving treatment during the golden hour and establishing clear accountability for enforcement. Through this law, SLF strives to transform India’s healthcare system, making life-saving trauma care a guaranteed right for everyone.


A “Trauma Care System” encompasses essential components for treating the injured within a coordinated “Chain of Survival.” Since 2012, SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) has focused on this crucial issue by enhancing bystander care and advocating for legal protections for Good Samaritans, leading to India’s first-ever Good Samaritan Law, now integrated into the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 as amended in 2019. Additionally, SLF’s Jeevan Rakshak Programme has equipped thousands of police officers and volunteers with Basic Trauma Life Support training.

In 2022, SLF expanded its efforts to include trauma care audits of ambulances and hospitals as part of its Crash Vulnerability Audits, informing targeted improvements recommended to authorities. By 2023, through national stakeholder consultations, SLF identified and highlighted critical gaps in the overall trauma care system in the country, recommending the development of a Comprehensive Trauma Care Policy Framework.

SLF’s “Global Comparative Report on Right to Emergency Care” in 2023 revealed that India requires a specific Right to Trauma Care, like many other countries. Efforts to introduce such a legal framework are underway by SLF in close partnership with the Government of India and other stakeholders. 

In 2024, SLF collaborated with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to create medical rescue guidelines for highway trauma victims. These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed to bridge existing gaps and lay the foundation for a robust emergency response framework on Indian highways.

Way Forward

As SaveLIFE Foundation advances its Right to Trauma Care efforts, the path forward involves a multifaceted approach. SLF continues to engage in close collaboration with the Government of India, leading medical institutions, and relevant agencies to construct a comprehensive set of recommendations for the proposed policy. 

To amplify the impact of this campaign, public support is vital. You can contribute significantly by raising awareness of the importance of timely and effective trauma care, leveraging social media platforms, and community networks to spread the word. Engaging in dialogue with policymakers, participating in public forums, and supporting SLF’s initiatives through volunteerism or financial contributions are concrete ways individuals can help champion the cause. Additionally, by sharing personal stories and testimonials about the life-saving importance of immediate trauma care, you can help humanise the issue, adding a powerful narrative to the push for legislative change.

This collective effort aims not only to advocate for a new fundamental right but also to ensure that, once established, this right is effectively implemented across India, saving countless lives and setting a precedent for trauma care worldwide.


Collaboratively developed with the Trust Law network, this report analyses laws guaranteeing emergency medical care across multiple countries (including India, the US, Australia, and more).

Features comprehensive studies that supported SLF’s Good Samaritan Law advocacy. Includes titles like:

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