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Mr. Parul Soni

Global Managing Partner, Thinkthrough Consulting

A graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Mr. Soni’s career is marked by his association with esteemed organisations. In his early years, he contributed significantly as the country representative for India and Nepal for the Save the Children campaign, following his tenure with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

With a wealth of experience, Mr. Soni served as an Executive Director and Practice Leader at Ernst and Young, where he made notable contributions to the firm’s success. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Global Managing Partner at Thinkthrough Consulting, where he continues to leverage his expertise to drive organisational growth and innovation.

Mr. Soni’s diverse professional journey reflects his commitment to excellence and his dedication to making a positive impact within both corporate and social sectors. His leadership and strategic vision continue to inspire those around him, shaping the trajectory of organisations and initiatives under his guidance.