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SaveLIFE Foundation’s training programmes envision safer roads and timely emergency care for those affected by crashes. We empower police, first responders, and drivers with vital skills to prevent crashes and save lives.  Our programs span forensic investigation, trauma care, and preventative driving – already training over 50,000 individuals.

To scale our impact, we’re launching digital training platforms.  This makes our expert-developed content accessible to all, using interactive technology to empower anyone with life-saving knowledge.  Watch for the launch – a major step towards accessible safety training and a future where everyone travels safely.


SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) builds capacity to enhance road safety and emergency care across India. Our training programmes empower police and citizen volunteers with the skills to prevent crashes and save lives. Having trained over 50,000 individuals to date, we’re committed to creating a safer and more informed society.

This programme, our first, equips police with advanced forensic crash investigation skills. Officers learn scene examination, vehicle examination, victim interviewing, understanding injury scales, and evidence analysis. This ensures thorough investigations that contribute to justice and safer roads.

Officers gain skills in lane enforcement and preventing rear-end collisions (often caused by reckless driving or illegal parking). This proactive training enhances the ability of police personnel to manage traffic and reduce risks.

Police and volunteers learn vital trauma life support (CPR, bleeding control, C-spine immobilisation, etc.)  for immediate, effective response to serious injuries after crashes. This program highlights SLF’s dedication to equipping first responders with essential skills.

High-risk commercial drivers learn anticipatory driving and crash prevention techniques. This training instils the skills needed to foresee hazards and act proactively, addressing a key road safety issue.

Way Forward

SaveLIFE is transforming its training programmes into online digital public goods. This expands access to our expert-developed road safety and emergency care content. Our interactive online platforms will empower anyone to learn these skills, increasing reach and sustainability. Watch for the launch – a major step towards accessible safety training and creating safer roads for all.

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