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SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) is dedicated to transforming road safety into a proactive, data-driven approach that prevents crashes before they happen. Our crash investigation work is central to this mission, seeking to uncover the complex causes of road accidents and the nature of resulting injuries. By analysing these root causes, SLF aims to enact sustainable changes in infrastructure design, vehicle safety, and trauma care.

We believe that significantly reducing road injuries and deaths requires a shift from mitigation to transformative, evidence-based interventions. Detailed crash data analysis is key, not only to document incidents but also to understand their causes and prevent future occurrences.


Our team of specialists conducts forensic crash investigations, which are central to our efforts to create safer roads. With over 500 forensic crash investigations to date, we’ve gained insights that have spearheaded significant road safety improvements across India.

Our methodology combines on-site investigations with advanced forensic analysis to unravel the complex dynamics of crashes. This allows us to identify both immediate causes and systemic vulnerabilities within road and traffic systems. Each investigation builds our knowledge, helping us to develop targeted interventions and advocate for critical policy reforms.


A standout example of our work’s impact is seen on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Here, SaveLIFE, partnering with local agencies, has conducted ongoing forensic crash investigations. These investigations provided insights into accident patterns and causes. Our collaborative efforts led to strategic safety measures and infrastructure enhancements, drastically reducing fatalities by 58%.

By early 2024, SaveLIFE Foundation forensically investigated more than 500 crashes. We worked with central and state agencies to utilise these insights and implement life-saving interventions. Our crash investigation programme has contributed to major reforms in vehicle safety –  including amendments to India’s bus body code as a result of our investigations into mass-casualty crashes.

Way Forward

SLF aims to transform its crash investigation programme into a Digital Public Good, enabling agencies across India and beyond to scientifically investigate crashes. We’re also focused on collating hundreds of thousands of data points collected through investigations into a Predictive Analysis model. This will allow us to predict crashes preemptively, saving lives.


WhatsApp-based training module on crash investigation for investigating officers from Police and other agencies (Coming soon!) 

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